African Dream Herb Seeds (Entada rheedii)


Increased awareness and memory during dreams, improved lucid dreaming, and drowsiness.

Dream herbs are used to induce lucid dreaming, which, most accurately is described as an awareness that you are dreaming to the point that you can control dreams.

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About African Dream Herb

Entada rheedii increases awareness during REM and memory during dreams. By excellence, it is the lucid dream herb of choice. Generally, the meat of the seed is consumed raw or as a coffee substitute and has been used for centuries as such and as a good luck amulet.

African Dream Herb seeds contain as much as 18% essential oils, making it a complex composition of alkaloids, terpenes, antioxidants, and many more phytochemicals. It finds its use deeply rooted in Asian and African traditional medicine, for its great range of uses. It is also believed that it helps to build a bridge to the spirit world by the ancient tribes that first enjoyed Entada rheedii.


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